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Araku Abiola is a multifaceted Writer, Director, Producer, Photographer, and Digital Artist in love with all things creative. Growing up on stage in the performing arts field, Araku was introduced to the world of the arts at a young age. Obsessed with imagery, the audio/visual, and the relationship between art and technology, Araku began his career by developing a self-taught multidisciplinary skill set. As a video editor, videographer, copywriter, and graphic designer, Araku began doing work for non-profit clients — shooting and editing videos, designing business cards and cover art, and writing copy for promos. Araku continued to work as a freelance Filmmaker and Content Creator for 10+ years, completing projects in every category (including short-films, ghost writing, photography, web-series, documentaries, 3D animations, and more). While honing his skills in the field, Araku also completed an M.F.A. in Film Production from Howard University. Leveraging his creativity, tech-savviness, and variable artistic skill set, Araku helps brands, small businesses, and other artists expand, promote, connect with their audience, and stand out in a digital era defined by creative production. Fusing art and technology, Araku aims to produce striking, unique, and unforgettable creative content that uplifts, informs, and expands the mind.

Araku Abiola

Filmmaker | Photographer | Digital Artist


Washington DC


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